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Badaro Yacht opened business in September 2011 and has expanded
as a dealership for three lines: Azimut, Capelli, and Robalo.
Badaro Yacht’s business is divided into three areas: yacht and boat trading,
chartering, and logistics services, to provide the highest quality
"total solution" of sales and service to customers in Korea.

Yacht and Boat Trading: Badaro Yacht has imported various lines and types
of yachts, including fishing boats, cruisers, power boats, and RIBs.
The Korean yacht market is in its budding stage, and Badaro Yacht
has invested and extended itself to be the market leader.
Moreover, overseas employees in the USA, China, India, Dubai,
and Vietnam are experienced in arranging the deliveries of yachts
and boats in excellent condition.

Charter Services: Badaro Yacht’s current fleet are being chartered out of the Jeon-Gok Marina (West Sea area), Busan Marina (South Sea area), and Gimpo Marina (Seoul area). Chartering is building up the Badaro Yacht brand name and introducing people to the pleasures of yachting. The charter business is beginning to expand to all parts of the world by increasing the charter bases. Most charter companies in Korea focus on shorter times and regular interval sailing services. Badaro Yacht, however, provides charters without time restrictions.

Logistic Services: Since 1980, the KD Group, KUKDONG TLS, KUKDONG MES, JINJI Total Logistics service, and 11 subsidiaries of the KUKDONG Business Group in Korea and abroad have pursued one overriding goal: providing the highest quality logistics services. Badaro Yacht is a subsidiary of the KD Group and has utilized its global network to be price competitive and to deliver excellent service.

Badaro Yacht is ambitious about growing its business firstly in Korea and then extending throughout the world. Interest and participation in the marine leisure industry is constantly growing. Badaro Yacht aims to be a unique public brand by which anyone can enjoy the seas.
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